Arabian Nights Cocktail Party

On hearing Neeti describe her vision for an Arabian nights themed Sangeet at Chez we were excited to imagine the design possibilities. We were even more excited to hear that Neeti was working with Phil Cooper at Kehoe Designs! Phil and the Kehoe team did not disappoint, styling fuchsia and orange draping to create a colorful canopy over a vibrant pink dance floor. The theme was carried throughout the space with colored lighting, patterned linens, colorful ottomans, and gold accents.  A lounge grouping on the mezzanine level was ideal for mehndi. Guests enjoyed Indian cuisine by Indian Garden. sangeetsangeet3sangeet pink orange sangeetsangeetsangeetEvent Design: Kehoe Designs | Lighting: Frost | Catering: Indian Garden | Event Planner : Events by Nisar | Photography: Randalls Photography

Chicago’s Top 7 Wedding Photo Locations

1: Industrial Chicago
The striking contrast of a perfectly styled couple against the grittiness of the city is a popular look for wedding day photography. Whether you pose in front of an abandoned warehouse or beneath the “L” tracks, these backdrops offer the opportunity for more editorial styled shots.Chicago, wedding photos, locationChicago, wedding photos, locationChicago, wedding photos, location

2: Chicago’s Murals
Add some color and texture to your wedding album by posing in front of one of the many murals that appear throughout Chicago’s neighborhoods. One such mural is located just outside Chez. The mural featuring Jimmy Durante and the Chez Paree ‘Adorables’ calls out the incredible history of Chez and The Chez Paree supper club.

05213-amy-colin-4nights-710x473View More:

3: The Lakefront
It might seem like an obvious one, but if you’re getting married in Chicago you can’t miss the opportunity for wedding day photo on the lakefront. There are numerous places along the Lake Michigan shore that are ideal for capturing your wedding day with the beauty of nature and the Chicago skyline as your backdrop. North Avenue Beach, Olive Park, The Adler Planetarium, and Promontory Point are some of the favorites of Chez couples and their photographers.

ic_gal0375-blogmegan-saul-710x474larson-0338-blog 4: Michigan Avenue
The Mag Mile sits just two blocks west of Chez so many of our brides and grooms make it their last stop on the way to Chez for their wedding ceremony. The Wrigley Building and the Michigan Avenue median are ideal if you’re looking to feature Chicago architecture in your wedding day photos.
chicago, wedding photos, locationesenam-photography-chez-wedding-37blog jlpc107853-710x4735: La Salle Street & The Board of Trade
The iconic Board of Trade building offers a breathtaking backdrop for urban wedding photos. Just watch out for traffic whizzing by.

Chicago, wedding photos, locationlarson-0206blogsweeney-491-of-828-710x4316: Chicago’s Bridges
With dozens of bridges traversing the Chicago river it’s easy to add this shot to your wedding day photography schedule. La Salle St. bridge, Kinzie St. bridge, and State St. bridge are the most popular.

larson-0505bloglarson-0471blog7: Lincoln Park
Lincoln Park is the ideal spot for wedding couples looking for a more natural backdrop for their wedding photos.
sweeney-470-of-828-710x473sweeney-461-of-828-710x473 sweeney-481-of-828-710x473

Photography: 1. Industrial Chicago: Amanda Megan Miller PhotographyAmanda Megan Miller PhotographyElite Visions Photography, 2. Chicago Murals: Colin Lyons PhotographyChristy Tyler Photography, Allison Williams Photography, 3. The Lakefront: G Reyes Photography, Megan Saul, Tim Tab Studios, 4. Michigan Avenue: Ed & Aileen Photography, Esenam Photography, Jeremy Lawson Photography, 5. La Salle Street + The Board of Trade: Jeremy Lawson PhotographyTim Tab Studios, Michelle Lytle Photography, 6. Chicago’s Bridges: Tim Tab StudiosAmanda Megan Miller PhotographyTim Tab Studios, 7. Lincoln Park: Michelle Lytle Photography.

Vendor Spotlight: Rebecca Ickes of Rebecca Marie Photography

wedding photographer

Name: Rebecca Ickes

Title/Position: Owner, Rebecca Marie Photography

Specialty: People. By way of a camera.

CHEZ: How long have you been in the events industry?
R.I.: The first wedding I photographed was 11+ years ago and I have owned my studio for 6 years.

CHEZ: Describe what you/your company does in one sentence?
R.I.: I document legacies so that future generations can have an insight into not only what your wedding day looked like but who you were and what it was like to spend time with you.

CHEZ: What sets you/your company apart from others?
R.I.: I consider my approach to photography a study of people more than a study of light as the traditional definition would state. It is my firm belief that photography is only successful if the people who were a part of the photos feel something when they see them. We can create the most unique image possible – we can win all sorts of rewards from professional organizations and national committees – but none of that means anything if you don’t look at your photos and feel something.

CHEZ: What is your most memorable moment from past events?
R.I.: There is no way I can pick just one! Throughout every event there is always one thing that jumps out at you and surprises you with how perfect it is, most likely resulting in water filled eyes on my side of the camera. What’s amazing is that moment happens at a different time for each event. Sometimes it’s the walk down the aisle to beautiful harp music which also happens to be theme from a Princess Bride. Sometimes it’s being pronounced “Husband & Husband” or a lifelong friend’s heartfelt toast. And sometimes it’s a couple belting out Living On a Prayer with their band, only to then crowd surf with their friends & family literally supporting them. The one consistent thing is that it’s always something unique to the relationships of the day that make the moment so memorable.

CHEZ: What event trends do you love right now?
R.I.: Neutrals! Particularly neutral wedding party outfits. I recently photographed a wedding where the bride chose all long white bridesmaids dresses! Of course she still stood out from her ladies with her detailed gown, but it was so sleek and the simplicity allowed for their expressions & excitement to really stand out in the photos. Choosing a simplified palette, while currently popular, I believe will also stand the test of time and look just as classic in 50 years as it looks trendy today.

CHEZ: What is the most unique request a client has ever had?
R.I.: I once had a groom who was a pilot and wanted to fly to their reception venue as their grand entrance! Because their venue was in a rural area, we were able to make it work by using an adjoining field as a landing strip. The excitement on their families’ faces was priceless.

CHEZ: What does a typical event day look like for you?
R.I.: It always starts with a big breakfast! 😉 We often are so busy throughout the day that lunch isn’t possible.

But to be serious: Whether it be a corporate holiday party or a wedding day, we are usually present for the majority of the day. We want to be sure to document not only the event itself, but also the preparation ahead of time, the look of a room before guests arrive and move things around, and the celebration into the night. For a corporate event, that often means arriving an hour before the event begins. For a wedding, that means joining the couple while they get ready in the morning (usually about an hour before getting dressed for ladies as that’s when hair & makeup are finishing up) and about an hour after open dancing begins. This timing tells the full story of the day without overdoing it.

CHEZ: Name three things you couldn’t live without (besides the obvious!):
R.I.: My calendar/organizer, my passport, and my beloved inner circle of family & friends (not in that order!)

CHEZ: Name three things people probably don’t know about you:
R.I.: I used to be a professional oboist. I lived in England for a year working with at-risk 8-12 year olds in an after school art center (I ran the ceramics room). The day after a wedding, I rarely make it out of my pajamas!

CHEZ: What is the best piece of advice you can give someone planning an event?
R.I.: Trust your instincts and hire professionals you trust. If you have a team of people who you believe in and you know understand you and your vision any reason for stress is exponentially diminished. Just like the magic of knowing you found The One to marry, when you feel comfortable and confident in the vendor you are meeting with, then you’ve found “the one” there too!

CHEZ: What do you love about Chez?
R.I.: I love that you can make Chez into anything you want. It truly is a blank canvas. Photographically, I love that there is a 2nd floor to be able to document an event from. Having this type of vantage point isn’t often found and always provides unique opportunities.

Photography by: (L) Carla Ten Eyck, (R) Rebecca Marie Photography