Easy Holiday Table Decorating Ideas

We teamed up with Art of Imagination, Amanda Hein, and Tablescapes to transform Chez for a rustic styled shoot. The design is filled with table decorating ideas and inspiration for an elegant holiday event. Deborah, from Art of Imagination was able to create a festive holiday table spread with such ease by combining natural elements like berries and branches and warm metallic accents. Candles and seasonal foliage brought additional warmth to the design.
rustic event decorplace setting on farmhouse tablerustic tablescape with candlesholiday event decor gold rimmed table setting rustic design elements

Photography Amanda Hein Photography | Design and Decor Art of Imagination | Table/Place Setting Tablescapes

The 5 “not-so-obvious” things to consider when booking your wedding photographer

Written and photography by averyhouse

1. Don’t forget about the engagement session! It is a great way to get to know your photographer and get comfortable being in front of the camera. We find that couples who take the time to do one are much more relaxed about having their photos taken on the wedding day. It’s also a great chance to get some fun, casual photos of the two of you in some of your favorite locations around the city that you may not have time to visit after saying “I do.”

Image 1

2. Consider a second shooter. They provide different angles and essentially allow for your photographer to be in two places at once. They can get different perspectives on the ceremony and can split up to focus on getting detail and decor shots during cocktail hour. Many photographers include this in their standard packages so be sure to ask before you book!

Image 2


Image 3


Image 4

3. Be sure to ask your photographer if they offer special rates for wedding weekend brunches, rehearsal dinners or mehndi ceremonies. Many people forget that the events that don’t necessarily take place on the wedding day need to be photographed too!

Image 5

4. Get a photobooth! Obviously we are partial to Smilebooth, but a photobooth is a great way to give guests downtime from dancing. Then they can take all that silly photo booth energy back to the dance floor to keep the party going. It’s also a fun way to keep capturing the night once your photographers have left.

Image 6

5. Finally, remember you wedding day photographer could potentially become your life photographer. It’s good to establish a relationship so when those other big life milestones come along (babies, anniversaries, birthday’s…) you know who to call.

Image 8

averyhouse is a Chicago based photography team who specialize in weddings and lifestyle portraiture. They also manage the midwest division of Smilebooth, a national photo booth comapny. Their studio is located at 2868 N Lincoln Ave. All photos by averyhouse.

5 Tips on Becoming a Relaxed Bride


Written by Molly Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder Events with BeneFitz | Photo by Kent Drake Photography

There’s no two ways around it – planning a wedding can be stressful at times – but no one wants to be a stressed out bride on their wedding day. The most important thing to remember the days leading up to the wedding, is that this is your special day, and you should feel nothing but relaxed and happy. Easier said than done, right? Here are some tips to help you become a relaxed bride.

1.  Find a wedding planner or wedding coordinator you trust.
It is important to find a wedding planner or coordinator you know will meet your expectations and won’t cause you any additional stress. They are there to take the stress away, fix problems that you won’t even know about, and to have a solution in their wedding emergency kit for any last minute worry you may have. Your wedding coordinator should worry about your day being perfect, so you don’t have to.

2.  Let go and sleep.
Do you ever have those nights where you can’t sleep because you’ve got a million thoughts racing through your head, or you’re worried you’ll sleep through that alarm? Let go of all those thoughts and give them to your wedding planner. They can lose sleep the night before your wedding, not you. And the alarm thing? Your bridesmaids are a built in back up alarm. So just let go, and sleep.

3. Eat.
Ever heard the term “hangry”? When you start getting irritable because you’re starving? It’s your wedding day, your dress fits, you can quit the diet. Have your planner provide a great breakfast for you and your bridesmaids. It doesn’t need to be a heavy waffles and pancakes type breakfast, but having yogurt, fruit, and eggs along with some tea or coffee is a great way to start your special day.

4. Champagne.
After you’ve followed tip number 3, why not? Enjoy a mimosa with your bridesmaids. It will help settle the nerves.

5. No one else matters (except your groom).
If you find yourself getting stressed out by family or friends, think of the one person that matters today – your groom. A quick phone call might just be the calming voice you need to hear.

Relax, soak in the entire day, and make sure you have a great photographer there to capture every moment.