Chez Vendor Spotlight: Kate Johnson of Kate Johnson Artistry

Kate Johnson Artistry
Name: Kate Johnson

Title/Position: Owner, Kate Johnson Artistry

Specialty: Makeup and Hair for weddings, engagements, television and celebrity clientele.

CHEZ: How long have you been in the events industry?
K.J.: Full time for 6 years.

CHEZ: Describe what you/your company does in one sentence?
K.J.: Creating beautiful and unique looks based on the individual style of each bride, using only the best professional products on the market.

CHEZ: What sets you/your company apart from others?
K.J.: Almost all of our artists have a background in television and celebrity work so we understand that this is not about what our “style” is, but is about collaborating with our clients to bring out the most beautiful vision they have for themselves.

CHEZ: What is your most memorable moment from past events?         
K.J.: I was introduced to a couple getting married that loves Burning Man and all things creative/ music etc. I knew the wedding was going to be unique but I wasn’t expecting acrobatics from the ceiling and “flower girls” whose outfits lit up.

CHEZ: What event trends do you love right now?      
K.J.: I’m loving the veils that go under the hair and showcase the beautiful styles the bride has chosen as well as a bold lip that people are picking up.

CHEZ: What is the most unique request a client has ever had?        
K.J.: To take hair extensions and create a huge rose that would be placed on her head as her hair style.

CHEZ: What does a typical event day look like for you?
K.J.: Well if it’s a wedding we are the first to arrive so that means as a team we are up early, coffee drank and headed to the ready location first thing in the morning. We get to greet the beautiful bride and her entourage while they are fresh faced and wake them up with beautiful styling. My favorite part is that we get to see everyone so relaxed in the pajamas just as a group of ladies having fun before everyone else enters the scene. Its like a big pajama party.

CHEZ: Name three things you couldn’t live without (besides the obvious!) 
K.J.: Red Wine, My dog Honey and One Drop Wonder face oil… its amazing.

CHEZ: Name three things people probably don’t know about you.
K.J.: I moved to Chicago from So Cal to sing Jazz. I have a refurbished 1965 Mustang Convertible waiting for me in California to have a nice garage here.  I’m a brand ambassador to a professional cosmetics company so I get to teach people all over the country how to feel their best.

CHEZ: What is the best piece of advice you can give someone planning an event? 
K.J.: Plan early, communicate openly with/and also trust your vendors experience so it’s a true collaboration to bring your vision to reality.

CHEZ: What do you love about Chez?
K.J.: I love that it’s a blank space you can truly create your own vision in. And I absolutely love the natural light that pours in through the big windows.

Thanks Kate! You truly know how to make a bride look and feel her best.

Photography by Kate Johnston (L), Emma Meyer (R)

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