Vendor Spotlight: Gabriel Garavaglia of RED Weddings

Gabriel Garavaglia

Name: Gabriel Garavaglia

Title/Position: Director of Wedding Services at RED Weddings

Specialty: Production Manager & Lead Cinematographer

CHEZ: How long have you been in the events industry?  
G.G.: 7 years

CHEZ: Describe what you/your company does in one sentence?
G.G.: RED Weddings is a premium wedding cinematography, photography, music and entertainment service firm for today’s most discerning brides and grooms.

CHEZ: What sets you/your company apart from others?  
G.G.: We create and capture the magic of our clients celebrations with the same artistic and technical standards once associated only with Oscar-winning films.  We were the first in the world to bring actual Motion Picture cameras (the same cameras used on films like The Hobbit, Spiderman, Gone Girl etc.) to capture weddings!

CHEZ: What is your most memorable moment from past events?  
G.G.: We’ve shared so many tender private moments with our clients over the years, but capturing a grooms little girl crying tears of joy at having a new mommy during their first dance certainly tops our list!

CHEZ: What event trends do you love right now?  
G.G.: We’re incredibly gratified to see Wedding Cinema becoming as, if not more important than photography to our couples, and feel we’ve helped establish new (high) standards in what can be expected from “wedding videography” – both for our clients, and their children children!  Our FAA approved drone cinematography and hilarious Slow-Motion Video Booth have been wildly popular this year as well.

CHEZ: What is the most unique request a client has ever had?  
G.G.: Last year we had a bride book a private midnight helicopter tour over the Loop following their reception.  Fortunately, our founder is a Union Director of Photography and we’re partners with Flight AV, a motion picture / TV production company so it was easy and affordable for them.  Little did we know, the groom was a little afraid of heights, but a great time was had by all!

CHEZ: What does a typical event day look like for you?  
G.G.: Since we prepare thoroughly in the months and weeks prior to our clients big day, including loading our transport vehicles with equipment (and backup equipment), triple checked and staged to be quickly accessible for each part of the day, we arrive ready to shoot the moment we step out of our vehicles!  Of course we’ve visited each location prior to the date and so have our “money shots” and camera angles already figured out, and go to great lengths to find shots that are 100% unique to our clients personalities and locations to ensure their photography and cinematography is unique and especially meaningful to them.

CHEZ: Name three things you couldn’t live without (besides the obvious!)
G.G.: #1 A cooler with water and snacks, as some of our wedding days literally go from 4am until 4am and there’s rarely a minute to spare!
#2 We love our RED Cinema 6K-8K ultra high definition cameras and have found the image quality, slow motion, and ability to extract still photos of any frame we’ve shot as a printable photograph to be invaluable and help us capture moments that would otherwise be lost forever.
#3 Lastly, we absolutely couldn’t live without our in house team.  Having a dedicated audio engineer, director of business affairs, and of course our creative director and founder allows each of us to focus 100% on doing the best work possible as a single operator / entrepreneur will always have a hard time keeping up with every facet of the business simultaneously.

CHEZ: Name three things people probably don’t know about you:
G.G.: #1 Despite the quality of our work, we’re actually very affordable and have full featured all day packages for much less than one might think.
#2 We are one of very few “triple threat” wedding service providers that offer bespoke quality photography, cinematography, entertainment, photo booth and drone services in time and cost saving bundles.
#3 Very few people know that our company is made up of film / TV, music business and advertising agency professionals, so no request is impossible, and is why our work is consistent with their favorite movies and TV shows.  And no, we are not named after the books or TV show by George R. R. Martin!

CHEZ: What is the best piece of advice you can give someone planning an event?  
G.G.: Create a spreadsheet to document your options, meet with the actual people you will spend your most important day with, take your time and figure out your entire game plan before signing any contracts, and get specific details about each offer you are comparing and considering.  Weddings are a significant milestone, and couples have a unique opportunity to leverage their buying power to save time and money – as well, ensure their wedding day production team is perfectly in sync throughout their wedding day by bundling multiple services with a single vendor.

CHEZ: What do you love about Chez?  
G.G.: Of course we simply adore Chez’s incredible modern design and gorgeous natural light (so important for photography and videography!) not to mention their central location to endless beautiful photo / video locations.  That said, it’s their professionalism, warm, personal attention to every little detail and sincere concern for their clients success and happiness that makes Chez our very favorite loft venue!


Photography by Paul Christopher Greene

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